WEGA - Where The Blockchain Meets Education

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How can Blockchain support education? At the WEGA SBW Haus des Lernens and OriginStamp demonstrated how easy it is to use blockchain technology. In particular, the OriginStamp programming interface is used to anchor certificates and test results in the blockchain in a manipulation-proof way.

Thanks to a cooperation with SÜDKURIER, it is also climate-friendly. Put simply, all readers of the SÜDKURIER newspaper indirectly become witnesses of all issued certificates and examination results. Thanks to a cryptographic process, all documents remain private. Only a representative cryptographic fingerprint is published.

Is this what the future holds for educational institutions? We hope that Blockchain will soon find broad application as a cutting-edge technology there.


What are Crypto Stamps?

Philately Liechtenstein is soon releasing another edition of interactive crypto stamps.

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