Is Dogecoin Dead? What You Need to Know [2023]

Salomon Kisters
Salomon Kisters
Feb 21, 2023

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February 21st, 2023

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2013 as a way to poke fun at Bitcoin.

So, is it dead in 2023?

Despite its origins as a joke, Dogecoin has gained a significant following and has been used for both transactions and investments alike. It has a large and dedicated community of supporters who see it as a fun and accessible way to participate in the world of cryptocurrency.

However, it is important to note that the value of Dogecoin, like all cryptocurrencies, can be highly volatile and fluctuate rapidly. This means that investing in Dogecoin carries a significant level of risk, and it’s important to be prepared for the possibility of losing money.

Additionally, the long-term success and widespread adoption of Dogecoin are uncertain, and it may be difficult to predict how it will perform in the future.

Despite these risks, Dogecoin continues to be an active and growing cryptocurrency, and many people see it as an interesting opportunity. We’ll take a brief look at the history of Dogecoin, and see what role Elon Musk had to play concerning Dogecoin.

We’ll then take a look at some fundamental issues that Dogecoin faces, and then take a bird’s eye view of the situation to see what the future holds for Dogecoin.

History of Dogecoin

Dogecoin (DOGE) was created in December 2013 by programmers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The cryptocurrency was inspired by the popular “Doge” internet meme and was created as a joke or parody of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Despite its lighthearted origins, Dogecoin quickly attracted a dedicated community of supporters who saw it as a fun and more accessible way to participate in the world of cryptocurrency.

The underlying technology of Dogecoin is based on a decentralized, open-source blockchain network, which allows for fast and secure transactions. Dogecoin uses a proof-of-work consensus algorithm, which means that transactions are validated and added to the blockchain through the efforts of volunteer miners.

Dogecoin did not have an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Instead, it was created and distributed through a process known as “mining,” where new coins are generated by solving complex mathematical problems. The total supply of Dogecoin is capped at a maximum of 130 billion DOGE, which was reached in 2015.

Over the years, Dogecoin has seen a surge in popularity and usage, especially in online communities, with the DOGE being used for charitable donations, tipping content creators, and as a fun investment opportunity.

Despite its witty origins, Dogecoin has proven to be a popular and enduring cryptocurrency, with a large and active community of supporters around it. However, as with any cryptocurrency, it is important to thoroughly understand the risks and benefits before investing or using it for transactions.

The Role of Elon Musk in Dogecoin

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has been a vocal supporter of Dogecoin, and his tweets and public statements about the cryptocurrency have often had a significant impact on its price and popularity.

While some believe that Elon Musk has helped bring attention to Dogecoin and fueled its growth, others argue that his tweets have caused instability and confusion in the market.

One issue is that Elon Musk’s tweets about Dogecoin are often taken as investment advice, even though he has stated that his tweets about the cryptocurrency are meant to be jokes. This can lead to a speculative bubble around the cryptocurrency, and some argue that this is not a sustainable way to build value.

Additionally, Elon Musk’s tweets and statements about Dogecoin can be unpredictable and quite sudden, and this can cause rapid fluctuations in its price. Some investors argue that this creates instability and unpredictability in the market, making it difficult to invest in Dogecoin with confidence.

Overall, while Elon Musk has certainly brought attention to Dogecoin and helped to increase its popularity, there is also a downside to his influence. Some believe that the market has become unstable and confusing as a result of his tweets and announcements.

Toxic Community

It’s all fun and games when it comes to Dogecoin, right? Apparently not. The creators, Markus and Palmer, abandoned their work on the currency and disappeared after the community became too toxic for them.

Since then, the project has been carried on by a train of volunteers coming and going throughout the years. Thus, it would suffice to say that Dogecoin’s technology has fallen way behind what is acceptable with current standards of blockchain technology.

Limitless Supply

Scarcity is an important factor in determining a cryptocurrency’s value. One of the major reasons why currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have risen in value over the years is that their mining rewards halve based on the supply, thus, the coin becomes harder to mine and scarcer over the years.

The issue with Dogecoin is that Dogecoin has a limitless supply. It is hard to attach significant value to something that is freely available in huge amounts.

Association with the Meme Culture

The issue with basing your entire worth around a meme is that the meme culture is continuously changing and evolving. Memes that were funny a few years ago are considered “cringe” and “boring” now.

The doge meme gained an artificial boost because of the emergence of Dogecoin. However, it was a given that the meme had to die someday as all memes do. As the doge meme phased out, it had an extremely negative impact on Dogecoin’s value.

The Emergence of other Meme Coins

The throne of the ultimate meme coin has been fought over a lot in previous years. Shiba Inu took a lot of the market share away from Dogecoin. It was so hyped up that it reached around $0.00008 in late 2021.

However, it was very short-lived, and the coin fell below $0.000001 in the middle of 2022. Other meme coins like Floki and Roboape, apart from being just funny, also provide various use cases which Dogecoin does not.

Although these coins never managed to dethrone Dogecoin, they gave several significant hits to its value.

The Market Situation in 2023

The market situation has generally been bearish for the past year, and it continues to be so in 2023, too. However, Bitcoin’s value has seen some significant appreciation in January 2023.

It was hanging around $16,000 at the end of 2022, and at the end of January 2023, its value has sharply increased, currently ranging around $23,000. This could also just be a fluke and temporary increase in value, and only time will tell whether it is a lasting change in the trend of the price movements.

Since BTC is a market leader, when it appreciates in value, altcoins follow along in tow. Let’s talk about the case in point. Dogecoin was ranging below $0.07 when the year ended, and at the end of January 2023, it touched $0.09.

Does this mean that there is still hope for Dogecoin? That depends on whom you ask. Fervent believers will tell you that Dogecoin is very much the future, with SpaceX’s long-delayed DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon just the traction Dogecoin needs to come into its own.

Others will say that Dogecoin’s glory days are long gone, and any feeble attempts by Elon Musk to revitalize the dead cryptocurrency will be fruitless and to no avail.

The Bottom Line

The case of Dogecoin is a perplexing phenomenon. On one side, according to traditional financial and economic theory, if a company or currency is not backed by something tangible, it will fail sooner or later. On the other side, cryptocurrencies in general and Dogecoin in specific have survived tough times.

The question is: what really is value? Is it determined by objective measures, or by the highly subjective nature of the value that people place on something? The truth is that as long as there are people who believe in Dogecoin, and there are enough people putting their money into it, Dogecoin will not die.

And in time, it is even possible that it gains institutional acceptance through moves made by people like Elon Musk, and it might become a more permanent part of the cryptocurrency landscap

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