NFT Stamp: Liechtenstein Makes History with Revolutionary Stamps

Salomon Kisters
Salomon Kisters
Dec 21, 2022

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December 21st, 2022

Philately Liechtenstein has been a leader in the world of stamps for decades, consistently introducing innovative and exciting new products for collectors and enthusiasts.

In 2023, the company is set to revolutionize the world of stamps once again with the launch of its NFT stamp. This new product combines the classic stamp with an NFT (non-fungible token) and the NFT with a physical painting, creating a unique bridge to the art world.

By purchasing the NFT, buyers become virtual co-owners of the original artwork painted by the internationally renowned neo-pop art artist Romero Britto.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the NFT stamp such a groundbreaking product and how it’s set to change the world of stamp collecting.

The Artistic Elements of the NFT Stamp

The NFT stamp is much more than just a regular stamp – it’s a true work of art. Behind it lie digital artworks and a physical art painting alike, creating a unique and immersive experience for collectors.

When you purchase the NFT stamp, you’ll not only receive the physical stamp itself but you’ll also be granted access to a virtual world filled with digital artworks. These artworks are all connected to the physical painting, creating a bridge between the physical and digital worlds.

The physical painting included with the stamp is an original work by the internationally renowned neo-pop artist Romero Britto. Britto’s bold and colorful style is instantly recognizable, and his work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. With the NFT stamp, collectors have the opportunity to own a piece of Britto’s art in a truly unique way.

The NFT stamp is set to launch on March 29, 2023, and it’s sure to be a game-changer in the world of stamp collecting. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a journey through the art world with this revolutionary new product.

Security and Authenticity

Collectors of the NFT stamp can be confident in the authenticity and security of their purchase. The image of the stamp is created using the ancient technique of steel engraving, which has been used for over 100 years in the printing industry.

At the same time, the latest image processing technologies are applied to give each stamp an individual, unforgeable fingerprint that can be verified through the corresponding app. A certificate of authenticity is also included with the physical stamp.

This fingerprint is located on the QR code of the NFT stamp, therefore known as the secure QR code (SQR code). The SQR code allows collectors to access the digital world behind the stamp and discover which of the four differently rare collectibles is assigned to their stamp.

The stamp also functions as a physical certifier. By using smartphone macro-camera technology the stamp can be verified for authenticity. After successful verification, the NFT can then be transferred to a wallet for safekeeping, if desired.

Overall, the NFT stamp is a secure and authentic product that combines the tradition of steel engraving with the latest technologies to protect against counterfeiting and ensure the value of each stamp. Virtual Co-Ownership Experience

One of the most exciting aspects of the NFT stamp is the opportunity for buyers to become virtual co-owner of an original painting by Romero Britto.

The 1,500 NFT stamps available for purchase will be linked to this painting, which will be exhibited in the Liechtenstein National Museum. Each NFT is associated with a specific section of the painting, and the owner of the NFT can view their digital image section through the app.

To experience this unique feature, owners of the NFT stamp can simply scan a QR code at the museum to see the exact position of their digital image section on the physical painting. This gives collectors the chance to explore the art world in a whole new way, and to feel a true sense of ownership and connection to a physical work of art.

It’s worth noting that the art edition of the NFT stamp is limited to 1,500 copies, making it a truly exclusive and collectible product. Pre-orders are available now, and the issue date is set for March 29, 2023 – a historic day that marks the 100th anniversary of the customs treaty between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of this groundbreaking stamp and join the ranks of collectors who are helping to shape the future of the art world.

High-Quality Packaging and Inclusions

The NFT stamp is a truly special product, and its packaging reflects this fact.

The art edition comes in a high-quality, handmade folder that has been crafted using the finest materials and finished with gold foil stamping. This luxurious packaging is a fitting home for the stamp block and its accompanying elements.

Inside the folder, collectors will find the stamp block with the image as a steel engraving, as well as a certificate of authenticity. There is also a numbered NFT with the original digital image of the painting by Romero Britto, as well as one of 1,500 pieces of the physical painting itself. This painting will be exhibited in the Liechtenstein National Museum, giving collectors a chance to see their virtual co-ownership in person.

In addition to these elements, the folder contains one of the four digital collectibles of varying rarity that have been designed by Romero Britto on the theme of friendship. These collectibles add an extra layer of excitement and value to the NFT stamp, and they’re sure to be highly sought after by collectors.

Finally, the folder includes a link to download the app of the Liechtenstein Post, where collectors can access all the information about their stamp at any time. By purchasing an NFT stamp, collectors become the proud owners of an NFT and the virtual co-owners of an artwork by Romero Britto, one of the most prominent living neo-pop artists.

The stamp truly has many valuable and surprising qualities, and it’s sure to be a treasure for any collector.

Final Thoughts

The NFT stamp from Philately Liechtenstein is a revolutionary product that is set to change the world of stamp collecting. By combining classic stamp technology with NFTs and a connection to the art world, the NFT stamp offers collectors an immersive and unique experience.

From the ancient printing technique of steel engraving to the modern technology of secure QR codes and digital collectibles, this stamp has it all.

The opportunity to become a virtual co-owner of an original painting by Romero Britto is truly one-of-a-kind, and the limited edition nature of the stamp only adds to its value and appeal. Packaged in a high-quality, handmade folder with gold foil stamping, the NFT stamp is a true work of art in its own right.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of this groundbreaking stamp and join the ranks of collectors who are shaping the future of the art world. Pre-orders are available now, and the issue date is set for March 29, 2023 – a historic day that marks the 100th anniversary of the customs treaty between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

We can’t wait to see where the journey of the NFT stamp takes us next!

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