Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in India

Salomon Kisters
Salomon Kisters
Dec 7, 2022

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Blockchain technology has become immensely popular with time, rising as the most efficient service. Besides, it is adept at changing the functions and activities of the financial and banking sectors.

Blockchain technology makes it feasible for two parties to have a monetary exchange without having an intermediary to validate the transaction.

Being decentralized makes it secure as no single user can change or move an entry. Due to its secure core and function, it’s been used in cryptocurrency – Bitcoin.

Moreover, it deals with advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, NFT, and Machine learning. Blockchain companies in India are increasing due to the demand for technology, so let’s take a look at the Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in India.


eSparkBiz is one of the most trusted blockchain development companies in India that provides a highly secured and wide spectrum of blockchain services. Moreover, as an experienced blockchain development company, it offers reliable, secure, and cutting-edge solutions.

Being a top blockchain development company in India, the company blends its technical knowledge with researched mastery of multifaceted blockchain technology.

Besides, the company can help you create engaging blockchain apps with selected tools for distribution, security, and transparency tools. Additionally, it offers blockchain solutions for individual business models that will help promote efficiency and growth. You can expect customized blockchain development services from the company.

Mobiweb technologies

Mobiweb Technologies is listed among the best blockchain development companies in India. The company provides top-notch and cost-effective blockchain development services.

The best part about the company is; it can help to improve your business productivity, which is a vital aspect of the business. They have a skilled team of developers with a good experience in blockchain development.

The company offers integration of blockchain technologies with other apps and technologies that save time. If you are looking for a company to develop cryptocurrency projects - you can contact the company for its efficient service. Ideally, it is best suited for bigger projects.


QBurst has made its way to the global blockchain Development Company in India. Along with blockchain development, the company also offers cognitive solutions for customized software.

They offer services that cater to micro and large enterprises. Besides, it is an end-to-end service provider for many companies. Apart from the experience, the company is a trusted consulting partner for many other companies.

Additionally, they provide robust digital solutions with an enhanced user experience. QBurst makes the development process enjoyable for new clients, which is why it has become the most trusted name for blockchain development. Plus, it offers added services for new clients.

Hyperlink Info System is listed among the top blockchain development companies in India. It helps to develop the best blockchain solutions for different business needs.

The company designs blockchain products that deal with real-world problems. The solutions provided by the company are transparent, real, and flexible.

They offer complete transparency for the features in the development process. Additionally, they provide custom development modules based on the client’s requirements.

The company helps deliver the best app and new development projects. It helps integrate with IoT development, AI solutions, big data analytics, and CRM. It also helps to integrate with VR solutions.


Agnito technology is a well-established company and features in the list of blockchain development companies in India. They have a team of skilled experts who aim at revolutionizing the working concepts of blockchain technology.

They support thousands of users from different industries like - startups. They help develop reliable and secure contracts using blockchain technology.

Additionally, being a prominent blockchain development company in India, they empower businesses worldwide. If you are looking for flexible services, you can contact the company, and they will help you build and develop your first blockchain app without any hassles.


Accenture does not need an introduction as it’s a fortune 500 firm providing different services that cater to clients’ needs. It provides services like cloud, salesforce, blockchain, oracle, supply chain, and operations.


TCS has made its way to the most successful blockchain companies in India. Additionally, it provides valuable services in the IT field. The company provides services like - enterprise apps, the Internet of things, Blockchain development, cloud solutions, AI, and automation.

Cigniti Technologies Limited

Cigniti Technologies Limited is a world-renowned AI and IP-led digital assurance-based company. The company primarily focuses on blockchain testing for applications that involve validation mechanisms.

Additionally, it works on a unique approach to development. It records transactions and builds transactions into blocks. Then it connects the blocks to the chain and secures the chain.

Moreover, it locks the process, which helps to give a security cover. They can help to accelerate the adoption when your application interacts with external factors like – networks, transactions, and users. Additionally, the company leverages the technology platform to build a real application for users.

Indus Net Technology

Indus Net Technology is one of the top names in blockchain development companies in India. It offers a perfect blend of technology, marketing, and application development. Moreover, it serves big names like - SBI general and Cipla.

It provides services to the Government of India with a secure approach. The collab approach of the company is entirely analytics-driven, which saves time. It helps in the navigation of the digital landscape and helps to identify different growth opportunities.

Moreover, it provides a competitive advantage, which makes the experience flexible for the clients. The company offers blockchain development services based on needs.

HData systems

HData systems is a data science company that uses different analytic ways to help businesses perform better. Also, it’s listed as the most successful blockchain companies in India.

The company offers services like app development, blockchain development, big data, and data science.


You always need to do your research for a reliable company for blockchain development.

The solutions must integrate with third-party plugins and advanced technologies so that you can scale your business.

Make sure to evaluate all the options before you settle for the best company in the list above.

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