Top Saas-based Blockchain Startups

Salomon Kisters
Salomon Kisters
Dec 25, 2020

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The rate of blockchain adoption is growing rapidly and it is giving rise to an industrial disruption in the digital sector.

In the earlier days of blockchain technology, it was perceived that it is only meant for creating cryptocurrencies and since we only had Bitcoin blockchain at that time, the stance was pretty much understandable. However, in the last 10 years, blockchain technology itself has evolved to an extent where it can be applied in every industry for any given use case.

Since entrepreneurs, developers, researchers, and laymen have realized its versatility, many businesses and even governments have also started adopting it to serve their internal and cross-vendor use cases.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the growing and attractive startups that primarily provide SaaS-based services to their clients.


Ethereum is a beast and in order to connect with it seamlessly without requiring extensive network-level expertise, Infura+ paves the way. Basically, it happens to be a premium service for Infura’s well known Ethereum API, which allows the users to create an infrastructure around Ethereum with the help of APIs and support applications of any imaginable size and complexity.

This premium service divides the users into tiers (i.e., core, developer, team, and growth), and depending upon the extensiveness and scalability prospects of your application, you can choose the right package to leverage Ethereum network for bringing your Proof of Concept to the mainnet. However, since the demand for Infura’s services has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and the userbase has also exploded, they are still providing a free tier for developers so they can at least get the taste of how the blockchain technology, Web3 in particular, works.

Just to give you an idea of their market presence, please note that Infura is one of the most widely recognized SaaS tools among developers for connecting to Ethereum and IPFS and it already handles billions of API requests per day. One of the primary reasons why their popularity has outgrown the competitors is because of their uptime, which happened to be about 99.95% during 2019.

As a developer or an organization, you can also avail same-day services with Infura, therefore, your application never has to face downtime in production due to bandwidth issues.

Click here to get to the webpage.


You come across hundreds of documents, images, and videos on the internet, but have you ever thought about their legitimacy or whether they are the same files produced by the owner? No, you just take the word of the website you are downloading from. So, it is not only untrustworthy for you (as an end-user), but it greatly undermines the hard work of the person who produced that.

Therefore, OriginStamp introduces a unique solution that allows you to upload your files and get them timestamped. Once that is done, the record is uploaded on the public blockchain ledger and everyone can now see that a particular document, image, video, or any file that you timestamped belongs to you. Please be advised that you can bulk upload the documents as well and irrespective of the number of files you want to timestamp, it only takes a click! No hassle at all!

Since there are several cloud-based document storage systems, OriginStamp offers a vast pool of apps to integrate (1500+) so you can easily import the files from the likes of Google Drive, Outlook, One Drive, and several others.

To clue you in about the progress made over the years, please note that the platform has created more than 10 million timestamps and is ruling the niche for well over 9 years.

Read more about OriginStamp here.


This startup aims to bring more security to the Ethereum blockchain, particularly in the domain of smart contracts. It allows the users (mainly the developers) to run a full scan of security vulnerabilities in the smart contracts which ultimately helps them in preventing security breaches.

Unlike many other SaaS-based startups in the blockchain industry, MythX allows the community to buy its subscription plan with a stablecoin, whereas most of the competitors still prefer debit and credit cards. Therefore, it is not only providing a good solution for the developers (i.e., detecting vulnerabilities in smart contracts), but it also encourages them to use cryptocurrencies.

The reason their tool is gaining popularity is that performing security analysis on local software (that runs on the user’s computer), is an immensely resource-consuming process. Therefore, MythX runs in the cloud to give you the same service that you would otherwise be using on your computer after exhausting your RAM. Please be advised that it conducts an array of analysis on your code, including symbolic, static, and dynamic analysis to ensure not even a single aspect is ignored.

Unlike their competitors, MythX is a fully automated tool that nests a variety of services within itself in order to run deep analysis on your smart contracts, thus allowing you to enjoy a better value for your investment as the vulnerability can be narrowed down and pinpointed to a very specific area of the code, instead of throwing a generic error and then asking the developer to perform an analysis on his part as well. So, in short, the effort is reduced to a great extent.

Their popularity and acceptance in the market can be gauged from the fact that last year, Kaleido partnered with MythX and the tool is now available on their marketplace as well at the click of a button.

See more about MythX.


It is often said that information is the new currency and it truly is. However, the raw data is of no use if someone cannot get useful and understandable information out of it. This is where Alethio comes into play and offers its API for developers to get synthesized and indexed data from the Ethereum network.

The problem that it solves has been around since Ethereum came into existence. Basically, the data on Ethereum is so fragmented that it’s difficult for developers to get reliable information and then put it in a meaningful structure. Please note that once the API is integrated with the system, there is no need to have technical knowledge after that point as the analysis and synthesis is done at Alethio’s end. As a result of this tool, developers do not have to build indexing procedures from scratch as they just have to call an API now and everything is provided.

Like Infura, Alethio also released Alethio API Pro that follows tier-based pricing and the model they follow is pay as you go. So, you only spend money on what you use and by the way, the first 10K API calls are free!

Find out more at

Anyblock Analytics

It’s a German startup that has partnered with many recognized companies in the blockchain industry, mainly because of its robust solutions.

See, in order to be successful in the crowded blockchain niche, a startup must present a Unique Selling Point and be scalable. However, a major chunk of developers’ time is spent on building the architecture, deploying, and managing the node.

Anyblocks Analytics handles the entire operations part of your system as they provide Node as a Service. So basically, you just have to integrate their API and have your node (for over 22 blockchains) running in the cloud. You never have to worry about its uptime, maintenance, etc.

Please note that apart from providing a cloud-based node, they also allow you to have rich insights on the blockchain network and be aware of your node’s health and performance as well right on the dashboard!

The reason for their growing popularity and partnerships is because they do not just provide a unique solution, but ensure that it is optimized as well. For instance, the query time for pretty much all blockchain networks is less than 100ms, which is certainly better than their competitors. Moreover, they also use load balancers, thus ensuring that their clients never have to face a downtime with their node as the incoming traffic is always handled dynamically.

You can read about Anyblocks Analytics at

Saas Blocks

This is one of the most interesting platforms that we are introducing today. See, the way web applications are developed has evolved decently in the last decade, and therefore, since modular apps are being built, we need a SaaS-based tool that can actually help us build SaaS apps in a better and optimized manner.

They offer more than 200 APIs that you can integrate to either develop optimized functionality from scratch or take your current functionality and revamp it from the performance perspective.

Here is what they provide for developers:

  1. Explore and identify the features you want to use by surfing through the categories
  2. Research their extensive list of vendors that you can leverage to build quality applications
  3. Augment/enhance your product by providing new and futuristic functionalities with the help of Saas Blocks.

Find out more at


Therefore, it is pretty evident that the happenings in the blockchain industry are growing at an incredible pace and the technology that was initially developed to support cryptocurrencies, has now scaled and matured enough to entertain any industry.

It is also quite satisfying to see that startups are not just trying to take their market share by thwarting others, in fact, they are also coming up with solutions that could help the developers and communities solve the current issues in the blockchain sphere.

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