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Logo of Cannavigia

Discover how OriginStamp empowers Cannavigia's supply chain management! Dive into our case study as CEO Luc Richner reveals how our Timestamp API ensures unalterable audit trails, providing transparent proof of data authenticity.

Surveillance camera
Logo of easypsim

Explore how easypsim, an authority in critical infrastructure security, safeguards data integrity with OriginStamp's blockchain timestamping, preventing manipulations and enhancing compliance—a success story in fortified security measures.

Illustration of IP rights
Logo of IPbee

IPBee enhances intellectual property security using OriginStamp. Explore tamper-proof timestamps defending ideas and designs. Join us in setting new benchmarks for digital asset security.

Voting of people
Logo of meinThurgau

Unlock efficiency in online archiving with meinThurgau's swiDOC. Using OriginStamp Blockchain Timestamp, it certifies a decade's worth of bills and expenses, providing a turnkey solution seamlessly integrated with accounting software and Office 365.

A stamp collection
Logo of Philately Liechtenstein

Explore OriginStamp and Philately Liechtenstein's collaboration for the first crypto post stamp. The custom mobile app seamlessly blends analog and digital, ensuring secure verification and documentation with blockchain. Head of Philately, Christine Böhmwalder, highlights tradition preservation and intergenerational connections.

Picture of a drone
Logo of Unisphere

Explore Unisphere's success story as they seamlessly plan, schedule, and monitor drone flights with the utmost trust and integrity, thanks to OriginStamp's cutting-edge data security solutions. Elevate your confidence in flight operations with our unwavering commitment to data integrity.

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