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Supply Chain Management

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Enable your business to provide authentic proof of the untampered state of your data along the supply chain.

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Including the SaaS solution from OriginStamp, we built software that can provide indisputable proof of data authenticity. Changes done by anyone are immediately visible.


Luc Richner

CEO, Cannavigia


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CANNAVIGIA brings together a team of passionate founders, entrepreneurs, and experts. Their platform connects individuals who believe in the power of efficiency through data and digitalization to build superior supply chain transparency. CANNAVIGIA was built as a platform for passionate people to collaborate, engage and communicate along the value chain of cannabis.

IndustryIT-Supply Chain Management
Use CaseAgri Tech, Compliance, Supply Chain Management, Precision Farming, Phytopharma
Favourite FeatureTransparency

The Challenge

Trustability towards Customers

CANNAVIGIA built a software solution that stores and makes a real-time audit trail accessible for their customers. From the seedbanks and the cultivation facilities to the retailers and pharmacies, all supply chain members are offered a compliance management tool that stores audit trails along the whole cannabis supply chain. As this market is strictly regulated and under consistent supervision, it is essential to prove the originality of these audit trails. However, this is not an easy accomplishment. Before CANNAVIGIA worked together with OriginStamp, no scalable solution existed to store unalterable audit trails in a cost-efficient and flexible way.

The challenge
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We wanted to prove to our customers and ourselves that the audit trails we store are untampered with an underlying blockchain solution. However, our previous solution was not scalable and cost-efficient, so we looked for SaaS alternatives.


Luc Richner

CEO, Cannavigia

The Solution

Audit Trails in the Blockchain

The audit trails CANNAVIGIA tries to timestamp are essentially a collection of data. CANNAVIGIA sends a virtual fingerprint of that data (a hash-value) to OriginStamp. That fingerprint of the information is then processed and stored on the public blockchain of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other blockchains. The significant advantage is that neither OriginStamp nor anyone else except CANNAVIGIA knows the original data. Yet knowing the fingerprint of the audit trail, any third party can validate the originality of a piece of information. The characteristics of the Blockchain guarantee that a fingerprint, once stored on the blockchain, can never be erased again, effectively giving you proof of the condition of information along the Supply Chain at a given point in time. This way, all stakeholders involved can transparently see if changes have been made to the data.

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By using the Timestamp API, we were able to integrate the concept of non-alterability into our software product with a significant cost reduction. We can prove to all stakeholders along the cannabis supply chain that their data stored on the audit trail has not been changed. This is a feature that now sets us apart from other competitors.


Luc Richner

CEO, Cannavigia

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