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Find out how we created the first crypto post stamp together with the Philately Liechtenstein

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Our goal was to build a bridge between the analog world of post stamps and the new technologies the digital world has to offer. OriginStamp made an individual mobile app for us, creating a new way of interacting with post stamps. Now the grandfather and his grandchild can equally share the passion for post stamps.

Philately Liechtenstein

Christine Böhmwalder

Head of Philately, Philately Liechtenstein


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With the first post stamps released at the beginning of the 20th century, the Philately Liechtenstein can proudly reflect on a rich and long history. As part of the Post Liechtenstein AG, the Philately Liechtenstein is a provider of post stamps and a communicator of cultural heritage. Each post stamp tells an individual, exciting story, driving the passionate team of the Philately every day.

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The Challenge

Intergenerational Interactivity with Post Stamps

As a communicator of cultural heritage, the Philately wanted to bring the post stamp closer to the younger generation of collectors. The challenging task was to maintain the principles and traditions of post stamp collection although introducing utterly novel technology. Older and younger generations should equally interact and identify with the new post stamp. That meant that the solution had to be user-friendly and still fulfill the original intent of the post stamp, telling a story. However, this time the goal was to realize it digitally.

The challenge
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We wanted to create a safe environment for our customers to interact with modern technologies while preserving our post stamp's original intent and characteristics that come with our rich tradition and culture.

Philately Liechtenstein

Christine Böhmwalder

Head of Philately, Philately Liechtenstein

The Solution

Combining Tradition, Culture and the Digital World

The mobile app allows the customer to verify the authenticity of the post stamp by scanning a unique SQR-Code imprinted on the stamp. Additionally, the app allows the documentation of the ownership of the post stamp in a tamper-proof matter by using blockchain technology provided by OriginStamp. Depending on the stamp itself, different collector symbols are unlocked after solving a puzzle, adding value for collectors. Each puzzle is designed to educate the user about the cultural background of the Principiality of Liechtenstein. While Philately Liechtenstein was responsible for the printing and the creative input for technical development OriginStamp designed and carried out the technical implementation of the mobile app and underlying services.

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The cooperation with OriginStamp was very fertilizing and refreshing. By taking advantage of both sides' creativity and professional experience, we now have a connecting bridge between generations of customers. The heritage of post stamps is kept alive and hands over the tradition to the next generation.

Philately Liechtenstein

Christine Böhmwalder

Head of Philately, Philately Liechtenstein

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