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Assured Data Integrity

OriginStamp's blockchain timestamping secures your digital data, ensuring authenticity and resistance to tampering.

Streamlined Document Collaboration

Facilitate secure and efficient document sharing with OriginStamp, creating a reliable workspace for collaboration.

Advanced Permission Management

With OriginStamp's detailed permission controls, manage who accesses your data to protect sensitive information effectively.

Integrated Strategy and Execution

OriginStamp bridges the gap between planning and execution, offering a unified platform for seamless operational flow.

Intuitive Data Management

Our user-friendly interface makes data management simple, with tools that enable easy upload, timestamping, and verification.

Trusted Digital Transactions

Gain digital trust with OriginStamp's Swiss-made blockchain solutions, ensuring secure transactions and interactions.

Secure Blockchain Timestamping

Create a permanent, tamper-resistant record of your data with OriginStamp, ensuring ongoing trust and integrity.

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swiDOC: Swiss Blockchain Storage

swiDOC provides secure Swiss blockchain storage, guaranteeing ultimate data integrity and management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can start using swiDOC during the trial period without providing credit card details, experiencing its full capabilities risk-free.
swiDOC is a secure document management system powered by Swiss blockchain technology, ensuring unmatched data integrity and intelligent document handling.
swiDOC uses blockchain technology to timestamp and secure documents, creating an immutable and verifiable record of each file's history.
Simply sign up at swiDOC's platform, upload your documents, and enjoy enhanced document security and management features.
swiDOC accepts payments through Credit Card and Stripe, offering secure and convenient transaction options.
Billing in swiDOC is straightforward with a monthly subscription model, ensuring access to its premium features.
Yes, providing credit card details is necessary for subscribing to swiDOC's premium services, facilitating smooth and continuous access.
Yes, swiDOC allows you to cancel your subscription anytime, providing flexibility and control over your service usage.

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