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What is OriginStamp?

OriginStamp is a trusted timestamping service for digital content. You can use it manually via our dashboard, or automatically via our API. For a limited usage OriginStamp is free of charge.

How is OriginStamp different from traditional timestamping services?

Traditional timestamping services are based on trust. In the event of a dispute, the timestamping service serves as a witness. In contrast, the timestamps created with OriginStamp are anchored in public blockchains and can therefore be checked by anyone at any time, independent of OriginStamp.

What is a blockchain-based timestamp?

A blockchain-based timestamp is a timestamp that is stored by thousands of computers distributed around the globe. This property makes blockchain-based timestamps extremely secure and independent of a trusted third party.

How is the timestamp calculated?

The timestamp represents date and time when a cryptographic fingerprint (hash) of your submitted file was included in the blockchain. For technical details, please refer to our whitepaper.

How is the integrity of the blockchain guaranteed?

We have recently published an article on this subject. The easiest way to tell is by the giant market capitalization of Bitcoin, which represents a constant bounty for finding security holes. Any manipulation of the blockchain would be clearly detectable, since it would immediately render Bitcoins worthless.

Do I need a credit card?

For the creation of a free account, no credit card is required. Upgrading your account requires a credit card though.

What is a timestamp certificate?

The timestamp certificate is a file that is required to prove the validity of a timestamp independent from our service. Please log in or sign up to download a timestamp certificate.

Do I have to disclose the original file?

No. The content of your files is never shared with us. The necessary hash is calculated directly in your browser on your machine. Alternatively, you can enter the SHA-256 hash of your document.

What are the payment options?

Currently, we accept payments via credit card. There will be other payment options in the future. For a free basic account, you do not need to provide any payment details.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. It will end with the end of your monthly subscription interval.

What are credits?

Every action you perform using either the OriginStamp Dashboard or the OriginStamp API consumes a certain amount of credits. An overview of credit consumption of each possible action can be found in our Documentation.

Aren't you another trusted third party?

Absolutely not. You can verify a timestamp independently and without relying on us. However, this requires a timestamp certificate. Please log in or sign up to download a timestamp certificate.

What does the hash e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649b934ca495991b7852b855 mean?

The above string is the SHA-256 hash value of an empty input. What a hash is and how it is calculated can be read in our documentation.

What is a hash?

Like a fingerprint represents a person, a hash represents a dataset. If the dataset is changed even slightly, its hash changes in a completely unpredictable way. Furthermore, the original dataset cannot be calculated from the hash. For this reason, OriginStamp can also be used to timestamp sensitive data.

Why is OriginStamp climate-friendlier than a standalone blockchain solution?

Today, Blockchains consume plenty of energy due to the high energy consumption of the blockchain mining process. This is terrible for the environment. At OriginStamp, we put a high emphasis on researching and implementing solutions that reduce the environmental impact. Today, our system can create thousands of timestamps while only requiring the energy consumption of one blockchain transaction. Interested how we achieve this? Talk to our head of research Prof. Bela Gipp.

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