OriginStamp FAQ

Uncover the Answers to Your Questions about Data Security and Blockchain Timestamping

About OriginStamp

OriginStamp is a leading blockchain timestamping service designed to secure and verify the authenticity of digital data. Our platform empowers users to timestamp their information, creating an immutable record on the blockchain to protect against tampering and ensure trustworthiness.
Blockchain timestamping provides an indelible and transparent record of when a specific piece of data was created or modified. This ensures data integrity and prevents unauthorized alterations, making it an ideal solution for securing sensitive information, legal documents, and more.
OriginStamp utilizes blockchain technology by anchoring cryptographic hashes of data onto popular public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These hashes act as digital fingerprints, providing an immutable and timestamped record that can be independently verified, guaranteeing the authenticity of your data.
Absolutely. At OriginStamp, data security is our top priority. We employ state-of-the-art encryption protocols and follow industry best practices to safeguard your information. Your data remains confidential, and only the cryptographic hash is stored on the blockchain, ensuring privacy and security.
OriginStamp adds an extra layer of security and credibility to your digital data, making it an invaluable tool for businesses. It can be used to timestamp contracts, intellectual property, digital assets, and more, providing a tamper-proof record that enhances trust and transparency in your transactions.
Yes, you can independently verify the timestamp of your data by using the unique identifier provided by OriginStamp. Simply enter the identifier on our verification page, and you will receive confirmation of the timestamp, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your information.
OriginStamp distinguishes itself through its use of popular public blockchains, ensuring decentralization and widespread security. Our commitment to transparency, user privacy, and ease of verification sets us apart, making OriginStamp a reliable choice for securing your digital data.
Getting started with OriginStamp is easy. Simply sign up on our platform, upload the data you want to timestamp, and let our system create a secure and verifiable timestamp for you. Explore the benefits of blockchain timestamping and enhance the security of your digital information with OriginStamp today.