Prove Your Creative

with Blockchain

Demonstrate the uniqueness of your creations and protect them from being falsely claimed by others with OriginStamp's robust blockchain technology.

Secure digital asset management
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Pioneering Protection for Creative Minds

OriginStamp timestamps your intellectual efforts, establishing undeniable proof of your originality and priority in the creative world.

Provenance Proof

With OriginStamp, easily prove when your content was created, clearly establishing your precedence and authenticity.
Provenance proof in digital content
Fighting plagiarism with technology

Fight Against Plagiarism

Defend your intellectual property against idea theft and plagiarism by securing irrefutable evidence of your content's origin.

Empower Your Creative Integrity

Stand out with the strength of your genuine human intelligence, ensuring your work is recognized and respected for its authenticity.
Empowering creative integrity

Why OriginStamp?

OriginStamp stands as the guardian of your intellectual property, distinguishing human creativity with secure, transparent timestamping.

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Immediate Proof of Authenticity

Instantly timestamp your creations, providing immediate and indisputable evidence of your work’s origin.

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Innovative and Reliable

Rely on the advanced technology of blockchain for a permanent, unalterable record of your creative endeavors.

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User-Centric Experience

OriginStamp offers an easy-to-use platform, designed for creators seeking to protect and prove their intellectual property.

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" OriginStamp's technology has revolutionized how we protect and manage intellectual property, ensuring our assets are secure and our brand remains trusted globally. "

Empowering Creativity with Security

Learn more about how OriginStamp's blockchain technology is pivotal in protecting and evidencing the authenticity of creative works.

Blockchain for Creatives

Explore the benefits of blockchain for securing intellectual property and how it can safeguard your creative output.

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Success in Securing Creativity

Read real-world examples of how creators and businesses use OriginStamp to protect and validate their innovative ideas and creations.

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Verification for Everyone

Discover how easy it is to verify the authenticity and ownership of digital content with OriginStamp, empowering creators and innovators.

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Your creative work; your reputation

Start protecting your creative work today with OriginStamp’s advanced blockchain timestamping. Ensure your intellectual property remains rightfully yours.