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Elevate due diligence efficiency, ensure data integrity, and foster collaboration. Our secure virtual data room provides intelligent document management, secure data exchange, and a blockchain-backed foundation for tamper-proof document history in M&A transactions.

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Seamless Due Diligence

A solution for M&A consultants streamlining due diligence, buyers securing transactions, and sellers safeguarding information exchange. Our blockchain- and AI-based data room sets the gold standard, ensuring irrefutable data security and efficiency in M&A transactions.

Enhance Due Diligence Efficiency

Focus on reviewing documents instead of tedious search processes through intelligent document organization, efficient data capture, and simplified workflows. Find documents in seconds with the full-text search and quickly gain insights from extensive documents thanks to AI chat functions.
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Secure Storage for Confidential Information

Elevate security in your M&A transactions. With swiDOC, confidential documents are intelligently organized, securely exchanged, and blockchain-backed timestamps ensure tamper-proof document history, setting a new standard for information integrity.

Confidential and Audited Collaboration

Facilitate collaboration among stakeholders. Our solution ensures controlled access, detailed access documentation, and efficient communication, empowering your team to focus on the essentials during M&A processes, while keeping track of every access and actions.
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Your Highlights for Mergers & Acquisitions

Experience a smarter approach to M&A transactions.

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Accelerated Due Diligence

Expedite your due diligence process with our solutions, ensuring faster document retrieval and streamlined collaboration.

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Secure & Traceable

Maintain the utmost security in your transactions with swiDOC, offering a secure environment for sensitive document exchange.

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Efficient Collaboration

Enhance collaboration among team members and stakeholders, enabling efficient information sharing and a seamless due diligence process.

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" OriginStamp provides us with the digital tools thanks to which we can ensure Swiss values such as trust and transparency in the digital space as well. "

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