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Leading Security Systems Beyond Standard – We help security providers building trust and security by protecting the integrity of security protocols and elevating your security operations.

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Secure. Proven. Trusted.

For security system providers who fight with increasing cyber security threats we offer trusted technology for security protocols and logs that ensures security and compliance of your security solutions.

Boosting Security and Trust in Data Management

Elevate the security and trustworthiness of your security systems with OriginStamp. Our solutions empower you to go beyond standard practices, ensuring the utmost reliability in preventing manipulations and building trust with clients.

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Smart Organization for Critical Data

Ease manipulation concerns with our intelligent companion, swiDOC. Organize critical data, including event reports, to proactively minimize risks and maintain the highest standards of data integrity

Ensuring Tamper-Proof Security Logs

OriginStamp's blockchain-backed timestamps guarantee tamper-proof security logs. Strengthen your security systems with an additional layer of integrity, preventing manipulation attempts and demonstrating adherence to planned operations.

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Your Highlights Strengthening Security Excellence with OriginStamp

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Security Systems: Elevate Security, Minimize Risks, and Enhance Trust with OriginStamp's Blockchain Timestamping Solutions.

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Swiss Made Expertise

Expedite your due diligence process with our solutions, ensuring faster document retrieval and streamlined collaboration.

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Trusted Blockchain Timestamps

We offer unique blockchain timestamping, enhancing trust with clients by delivering the safest and most reliable solutions.

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Proactive Risk Minimization

Proactively minimize risks through data integrity. Our solutions addresses cybersecurity threats, privacy concerns, and legal requirements, providing security excellence.

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" easypsim™ is an expert in security systems for banks, prisons and critical infrastructure. We use OriginStamp to prevent manipulation attempts, such as possible manipulations of an event report. The immutability of the data strengthens compliance and reduces the burden of proof in the event of a claim. "

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Explore tailored solutions to strengthen your security operations, minimize risks, and build trust with OriginStamp.