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Enhance the security of your document processes and streamline efficiency with swiDOC, the Swiss-made digital assistant for businesses. From intelligent document organization to secure data exchange and blockchain-backed archiving, we empower your productivity.

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Smart & Secure Docs

For businesses seeking heightened document security and efficiency, swiDOC offers an easy to use solution. By combining Swiss precision with blockchain-backed technology, swiDOC delivers a tamper-proof data room, providing a secure and scalable platform for intelligent document organization and secure data exchange.

Smart Organization for All Your Documents

Elevate your administration with swiDOC, your intelligent companion in secure document management. Easily organize documents from your preferred tools or via drag & drop. Our intelligent data capture opens new possibilities for efficient document capture, categorization, analysis, and retrieval.
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Secure Storage for Confidential Information

For companies and industries seeking the highest level of security, swiDOC offers a unique advantage. Our blockchain-backed timestamping ensures tamper-proof document history, setting a new gold standard for information integrity.

AI-Based Search for Maximum Productivity

Experience a revolutionary way to find and understand information with swiDOC's AI-based search. Imagine asking your documents instead of researching – swiDOC makes it effortless. Our generative AI enables lightning-fast information retrieval, explanations of complex texts, and maximizes the potential of your sensitive information.
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Highlights using swiDOC

Mastering secure and efficient data can be so easy. Swiss-made swiDOC offers a blockchain-backed solution for tamper-proof data management. From intelligent organization and efficient data capture to secure data exchange, swiDOC ensures compliance, saves time, and scales with your business.

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Time & Space Saving

Optimize document-related workflows, eliminating the need for physical storage spaces.

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Accessible & Scalable

Access your documents from anywhere, at any time. Your archive grows flexibly with your business.

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Quick Deployment

swiDOC is configured and ready for use within 15 minutes, without expensive hardware or installations. Swiss-made simplicity meets modern functionality.

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" swiDOC convinced me with its intuitive, user-friendly interface and easy integration into existing processes through its API. The automated archiving and categorization save my clients a lot of time and additionally free them from paper mountains. "

Pricing Plans Tailored to Your Data Security Needs

Choose the swiDOC package that aligns with your business requirements. Explore our transparent and flexible pricing options designed to enhance the integrity and security of your digital assets.

USD 18.90 /mo

Package S

Essential data security for your most important documents.

  • Blockchain Timestamping included
  • 2 users
  • 10 GB storage
USD 49.90 /mo

Package M

For businesses seeking to efficiently organize growing volumes of documents.

  • Blockchain Timestamping included
  • 3rd party integrations
  • 3 users
  • 30 GB storage
USD 89.00 /mo

Package L

For medium-sized businesses aiming to combine compliance and efficiency in administration.

  • Bitcoin certificate
  • Ethereum certificate
  • 3rd party integrations
  • 5 users
  • 60 GB storage

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