Timestamp and Archive Documents With Blockchain

✓ Timestamp your documents
✓ Store your documents
✓ Legal and data security
✓ Decouple from IT infrastructure
✓ Convenient cloud access
✓ Simple and effective administration
✓ Quickly search your documents
✓ Flexible API integration

Your Benefits


Store receipts, invoices, and other documents directly digital in the archive.


Access at any time and from anywhere thanks to cloud service in Switzerland.

Legal And Data Security

Guaranteed legal compliance and increased data security.

Efficient Administration

Elimination of time-consuming manual processes.

Blockchain Timestamping

Your documents are tamper-proof, thanks to blockchain technology.

Quickly Search Your Documents

Stop wasting hours searching through folders.

Flexible API Integration

Use our API to flexibly integrate with your existing solutions and processes.

Chat With Your Files

Use our self-hosted, private GPT solution to quickly retrieve information from your files.
..from only $20 / month

Free 30 days trial for your archive

Test our service 30 days free of charge. We guarantee the legally compliant storage of your business-relevant documents.

Our Team

Friedrich Kisters
Markus Schegg