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Our Services

We develop mobile apps and enterprise software and provide turnkey blockchain solutions.


Blockchain Consulting

Blockchain is often used where it shouldn't be used. We believe that blockchain isn't the solution to all problems. But used right, it can provide great benefits.


Software Engineering

We're your partner for your blockchain project. Whether you're a startup or an enterprise, if you want to start from scratch or customize our turnkey solutions, we're here to help.


Blockchain Development

Our team started to work with blockchain in 2011. Since then, we have realized many projects and published multiple scientific papers. Today, we use our expertise to develop simple or more complex blockchain solutions.

Turnkey Blockchain Solutions

The fast and cost-efficient way to bring blockchain to your business.

Timestamp API

Create a secure timestamp for files, documents, data and more. Prove the originality and time of existence of any digital asset.

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Event API

Build a tamper-proof audit log or event-based history in minutes. With our flexible and scalable connector, any event emitted by other services can easily be added to your audit log.

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Quickly turn your digital collection into NFTs. As a one-time project or with an automated integration into your software. Please get in touch to learn more.

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Blockchain for IP and Idea Protection

Protect your intellectual property and ideas indefinitely, without geographical boundaries or censorship.

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Protect Academic Graduation Certificates with Blockchain

Use blockchain technology to protect academic graduation certificates with a tamper-proof timestamp.

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Our Projects

Across all industries, we help any company of any size to benefit from blockchain technology.

Philatelie Liechtenstein Weitblick
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Philately Liechtenstein

For the Philately Liechtenstein, OriginStamp has developed the first interactive cypto stamp. All interactions are stored on a blockchain. This way, each stamp gets an individual, tamper-proof history.

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SmartStamp Eternal Art Protection
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For SmartStamp, OriginStamp is developing a mobile application that can be used to uniquely identify and authenticate artworks. Every interaction with an artwork is recorded in a blockchain-based, tamper-proof event log.

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About us

We are a Swiss-based team of experts dedicated to helping companies succeed with blockchain technology.

OriginStamp Headquater in Kreuzlingen

Our Story

OriginStamp grew out of university research almost 10 years ago. Over time, there were more and more requests from the industry to use our technology, which ultimately gave rise to OriginStamp AG.

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CEO Friedricht Kisters

Friedrich Kisters


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