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OriginStamp transforms your digital assets into immutable and trusted records using blockchain technology. Start your journey towards secure and verifiable data management.

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What Is Blockchain-Based Timestamping and Who Needs It?

Salomon Kisters - Oct 26, 2020

Learn how blockchain-based timestamping works and why embedding blockchain-based timestamping can be a significant competitive advantage for your business.

Blockchain Address

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create a Bitcoin Blockchain Address

Salomon Kisters - May 16, 2022

Learn how to create a Bitcoin blockchain address step-by-step. Understand the process of depositing funds into a digital wallet and generating a unique alphanumeric key for transactions.


How to Send Crypto from Coinbase to MetaMask

Salomon Kisters - May 12, 2023

Learn how to send cryptocurrency from Coinbase to MetaMask - from setting up your Coinbase account to transferring the funds.


How Many Ethereum Are There, and How Many Are Left?

Salomon Kisters - Apr 11, 2022

One of the first questions asked by Ethereum enthusiasts is how many Ethereum are in circulation and how many are left. Let's have a look.


What Is Dogecoin and How Does it Work?

Salomon Kisters - Nov 30, 2022

Dogecoin is a user-friendly cryptocurrency with a Shiba Inu meme mascot. Unlike Bitcoin, it has no supply cap, making it inflationary. Its popularity spiked with Elon Musk's support, blending internet culture and financial innovation for wide appeal.


12 Examples of Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Salomon Kisters - Jun 1, 2022

Decentralized applications are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the blockchain space. Here are 12 examples.


Kraken vs. - Which Is Better and Why?

Salomon Kisters - May 10, 2023

Learn the differences of Kraken and, what these exchanges do, how they operate, and their respective products and services.

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How Many Solana Coins Are There and How Many Are Left?

Salomon Kisters - Aug 30, 2022

Solana is a new player in the blockchain market. But how many Solana Coins are there, and how many are left?


Here Is Why Bitcoin Transactions Take So Long

Salomon Kisters - Apr 29, 2022

Why do Bitcoin transactions take so long? Here are the reasons and methods to speed them up.

Explore Digital Security with OriginStamp

Start with OriginStamp to enhance your digital data's security and authenticity. Transform your data management with blockchain technology today!

Advantages of OriginStamp

Discover the core benefits of using OriginStamp for your data integrity:

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Guaranteed Data Integrity

OriginStamp's blockchain timestamping enforces the authenticity and integrity of your data, safeguarding against tampering and unauthorized access.

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Enhanced Trust

Enhance trust among stakeholders with transparent and secure blockchain technology, offering a verifiable data history with OriginStamp.

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Immutable Records

Secure your information with blockchain, creating immutable records that protect against fraud and unauthorized alterations.

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Easy Verification

Facilitate the simple verification of data timestamps, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your documents in a reliable digital ecosystem.

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