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Empower your digital journey with OriginStamp, where we specialize in making data immutable through cutting-edge blockchain timestamping.

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Why companies choose OriginStamp


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Data Integrity

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your digital data with OriginStamp's blockchain timestamping, preventing tampering and unauthorized alterations.

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Build trust in your digital interactions by leveraging OriginStamp's secure and transparent blockchain technology, providing a verifiable record of data history.

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Tamper-Proof Records

Create immutable records of your information on the blockchain, offering protection against fraud, manipulation, and unauthorized changes.

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Simplified Verification

Easily verify the timestamp of your data, independently ensuring its integrity and authenticity, fostering a reliable and trustworthy digital environment.

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Embark on a journey with OriginStamp and turn your digital data into an unbreakable fortress. Ready to fortify trust, ensure security, and redefine authenticity? Let's get started on securing your data integrity today!

Why OriginStamp?

OriginStamp is the tamper-proof sealing technology - it is the enabler for trust and verification

  • Easy integration

  • Independently verifiable

  • Proving data integrity

  • Reliable experts

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" At IPBee we protect the brand of our customers on all online-channels like marketplaces, social media and domains, based on their intellectual property rights. Thanks to the cooperation with OriginStamp we can offer a better protection for all different kinds of copyrights – worldwide. "
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