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How it works

A convenient interface to blockchain technology

You create a digital fingerprint of your data on your own computer.

This fingerprint representative of your data is transmitted to us.

We embed the secure fingerprint of your data on a public blockchain.

A certificate of the resulting timestamp is returned to you.

The benefits of blockchain-based timestamping

Our service leverages blockchain technology to create next-level timestamps.

Easy integration

With our technology, blockchain-based timestamps are made with just one click or integrated with a single line of code.

Strong security

We leverage blockchain technology to create timestamps that are - by design - manipulation-proof.

Perfect confidentiality

We never see your data, only a secure fingerprint. Each dataset has a unique fingerprint, but it is impossible to retrieve the original data from the fingerprint.

High scalability

Our service can serve billions of timestamps per month and can easily be integrated into existing software.

Who uses OriginStamp?

Diverse customers integrate our service across industries for a variety of use cases.

Designed with developers in mind

The OriginStamp API is designed to give developers a fast, reliable and scalable tool to create secure timestamps.

Designed with developers in mind

The OriginStamp API is designed to give developers a fast, reliable and scalable tool to create secure timestamps.

TimestampApi apiInstance = new TimestampApi();
// A valid API key is essential for authorization to handle the request.
String authorization = "authorization_example";
// Add all relevant information concerning your hash submission.
TimestampRequest timestampRequest = new TimestampRequest();
try {
  DefaultTimestampResponse result = apiInstance.createTimestamp(authorization, timestampRequest);
} catch (ApiException e) {
  System.err.println("Exception when calling TimestampApi#createTimestamp");

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OriginStamp Whitepaper

Secure, Reliable & Scalable

Find out how we leverage blockchain technology to create tamper-proof timestamps.

Meet our customers

Great companies get great results with OriginStamp.

At eschbach, we monitor and document shift operations in real time. By using OriginStamp, we can now prove that important data and information has not been tampered with. This allows our clients to verifiably demonstrate that their shift operations are in compliance with regulations.

Andreas Eschbach, eschbach

Andreas Eschbach

Managing Director

Logo IPBee

At IPBee we protect the brand of our customers on all online-channels like marketplaces, social media and domains, based on their intellectual property rights. Thanks to the cooperation with OriginStamp we can offer a better protection for all different kinds of copyrights – worldwide.

Jan F. Timme, IPBee

Jan F. Timme



As a newspaper, SÜDKURIER publishes in every edition a summarizing hash of all fingerprints received by OriginStamp till 12 a.m. of the previous day. Thus, our 360,000 readers automatically become witnesses of the underlying data and SÜDKURIER becomes the digital end of the blockchain. We are delighted to partner with to offer a blockchain solution designed for everyone.

Rainer Wiesner, SÜDKURIER

Rainer Wiesner

Managing Director

Logo Endformat

As a design studio we develop unique experiences beyond the norm. OriginStamp adds a tamper-proof history to our creations. This enables us and our customers to prove the authorship of our designs anytime and anywhere.

Christina & Pascal, Endformat

Christina & Pascal


Logo easypsim™

easypsim™ is an expert in security systems for banks, prisons and critical infrastructure. We use Originstamp to prevent manipulation attempts, such as possible manipulations of an event report. The immutability of the data strengthens compliance and reduces the burden of proof in the event of a claim.

Paul Gschwind, easypsim™

Paul Gschwind


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