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Improve the security of your intellectual property with OriginStamp. Our blockchain-powered timestamping ensures unparalleled protection, guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of your innovations. Explore a new era of confidence in intellectual property management.

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Bulletproof IP Security

For intellectual property leaders seeking bulletproof protection, OriginStamp offers a blockchain-powered timestamping solution, ensuring the utmost security and authenticity for your innovations.

Innovator's Shield

OriginStamp provides an impenetrable shield for your intellectual property, leveraging blockchain technology to deliver unparalleled protection. Safeguard your innovations with tamper-proof timestamps, ensuring authenticity and securing your intellectual assets.
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Assurance Beyond Doubt

With OriginStamp, experience assurance beyond doubt for your intellectual property. Our blockchain-powered timestamping guarantees the integrity of your innovations, providing unassailable proof of authenticity, instilling confidence in your intellectual assets.

Seamless Compliance Confidence

OriginStamp offers seamless compliance confidence for intellectual property leaders. Embrace a solution that not only ensures the utmost security but also facilitates compliance with tamper-proof timestamps, providing a robust foundation for innovation management.
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Highlights using OriginStamp

Mastering secure and efficient data can be so easy. We offer a blockchain-backed solution for timestamping of intellectual property. From intelligent organization and efficient data capture to secure data exchange, swiDOC ensures compliance, saves time, and scales with your business.

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OriginStamp offers a user-friendly platform, ensuring a straightforward and intuitive process for easy timestamping and data security

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Secure long term storage

OriginStamp prioritizes data security with encryption and blockchain technology, guaranteeing tamper-proof protection for digital assets.

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Blockchain certificate

OriginStamp issues blockchain certificates, providing indisputable proof of authenticity through the transparency and immutability of blockchain.

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" At IPBee we protect the brand of our customers on all online-channels like marketplaces, social media and domains, based on their intellectual property rights. Thanks to the cooperation with OriginStamp we can offer a better protection for all different kinds of copyrights – worldwide. "

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Transparent Verification

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Explore OriginStamp's cutting-edge blockchain timestamping to safeguard the authenticity of your intellectual property. Elevate your data protection with transparent verification and compliance solutions.