Blockchain for IP and Idea Protection

Protect your intellectual property and ideas indefinitely, without geographical boundaries or censorship.

Protect your intellectual property

Indefinitely and with highest standards

Secure your intellectual property with our turnkey technologies.

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Timestamped Documents
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Turnkey SaaS Solution

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What we offer

IP violation evidence conservation

Evidence Conservation

With our solution, you can document intellectual property violations without much effort. Moreover, we conserve the evidence until you need it and can prove the time when it was collected.

Anchoring IP in blockchain

Document Anchoring

Secure your intellectual property in the blockchain to later prove that it has existed at a specific time and has not been manipulated since.

Intellectual Property Creation Process in Blockchain

IP creation process documentation

Log every step in your intellectual property creation process. Your event log is structured like a blockchain and secured by one. The result is a tamper-proof log which portrays your creation process.

IPCert Pricing

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