OriginStamp Timestamping (FAQs)

How Does Blockchain-Based Timestamping Work?

Our service takes a secure fingerprint (a hash) of your document and submits it to multiple public blockchains. This creates proof that the hash (and therefore the document) already existed at a certain time.

Does Originstamp Provide an API for Blockchain-Based Timestamping?

Yes! To get access to our API, please sign up or contact sales.

How hard is it to integrate the OriginStamp API?

In most cases, it should take one person one day to understand how OriginStamp works and to integrate the API.

Are submitted documents public?

No! We only take a secure fingerprint (a hash) of your document to anchor it to public blockchains.

Which blockchains does OriginStamp use?

OriginStamp mainly uses Bitcoin and Ethereum.