Use Blockchain To Build Transparency And Trust Towards Your Customers

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Step 1


Identify which data should become publicly available and tamper-proof. We’ll assist you with our experience.

Step 2


Log important data to our customizable OriginStamp logbook. This is a public, transparent and tamper-proof logbook, built with blockchain technology.

Step 3


Share the logbook with your stakeholders or the public. You remain in control who gets access to your time-stamped and tamper-proofed data.


Is white labelling possible?

Sure! Just let us know.

Is the initial consulting really free?

Yes! No strings attached.

How much does it cost?

It strongly depends on the project you have in mind. Let’s get on a quick call for some numbers.

Why work with OriginStamp?

We’re working with Blockchain since 2012. In this time, we’ve published multiple scientific papers, and successfully launched multiple projects. We will use our knowledge and network to make your project successful.

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