OriginStamp use cases

Our technology is used for a variety of applications.

Supply chain records

With our technology, existing databases and processes can be equipped with blockchain-based timestamping. This generates a tamper-proof record all data in the database. The OriginStamp interface allows integrating our service in minutes.


Blockchain can reduce the liability of individuals and businesses. With your documentation, made tamper-proof with our service, you can prove to insurers and other stakeholders that you took all necessary actions at the required time to prevent damage.


Certificates are easily altered. With a blockchain-based timestamp, this can be prevented. Once the original certificate possesses a timestamp, all altered versions can only possess a more recent timestamp.

Fraud prevention

Odometer data and data of other measurement instruments can easily be protected against fraud. All that is required is a documentation of the measurement data and a tamper-proof timestamp thereof. Any change of the original data will immediately invalid the timestamp and thus be detectable.


Valuable contracts can be protected against forgery with a simple drag and drop. Create a free account in our dashboard and upload a scan of your contract to add a tamper-proof timestamp to it.

Damage documentation

Damage documentation is made easy with OriginStamp. Simply take a photo of the damage, or write a damage report and make your documentation tamper-proof with a blockchain-based timestamp created by our service.

Auditing and compliance

OriginStamp removes the need for complex processes. Instead of creating trust by involving multiple parties, trust is generated by a fingerprint of a documentation, stored on the blockchain.

Intellectual property protection

Using the OriginStamp Dashboard, protecting your ideas, photography, design, or other intellectual property becomes easier than ever. Just add your name to your intellectual property and create a timestamp of the resulting file.

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