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Intellectual Property Protection

Protect Ideas, Designs and More

Attach your identity to your ideas, creative work, research results, designs, and more. Use OriginStamp to create a tamper-proof timestamp of the resulting file. This timestamped file can be of great help when you want to defend your intellectual property rights.
Intellectual property
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At IPBee we protect the brand of our customers on all online-channels like marketplaces, social media and domains, based on their intellectual property rights. Thanks to the cooperation with OriginStamp we can offer a better protection for all different kinds of copyrights – worldwide.
Jan F. Timme

Jan F. Timme


Educational Technology

Create Verifiable Certificates

Blockchain technology offered by OriginStamp can enhance digital certificates issued by online or offline courses. Our technology automatically protects all certificates from manipulation. Furthermore, we provide a white-label solution enabling students, companies and organisations to verify the validity of a certificate.
New With the OriginStamp Event API, it is now possible to put a student's learning progress on the blockchain. Make it transparent how much time and effort a student committed to a course and issue a tamper-proof learning history.

Security Systems

Prevent Manipulation Attempts

Banks, prisons, and critical infrastructures are only some examples of places that need an extra layer of protection. By leveraging tamper-proof blockchain timestamping, manipulation attempts are easily detected or outright prevented.
Security Systems
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easypsimâ„¢ is an expert in security systems for banks, prisons and critical infrastructure. We use OriginStamp to prevent manipulation attempts, such as possible manipulations of an event report. The immutability of the data strengthens compliance and reduces the burden of proof in the event of a claim.
Paul Gschwind

Paul Gschwind

CEO, easypsim

Industrial Documentation

Create Tamper-proof Logs

Has a test been performed properly? What was the condition of a machine at shift change? Logs are consulted, especially in the event of an accident. The integrity of these logs is crucial. OriginStamp protects the content of relevant log files against manipulation.
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At eschbach, we monitor and document shift operations in real time. By using OriginStamp, we can now prove that important data and information has not been tampered with. This allows our clients to verifiably demonstrate that their shift operations are in compliance with regulations.
Andreas Eschbach

Andreas Eschbach

Managing Director, eschbach

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