Protect Academic Graduation Certificates with Blockchain

Use blockchain technology to protect academic graduation certificates with a tamper-proof timestamp.

Protected certificates

Timestamped graudation certificates

With our service, you can anchor any academic graduation certificate to public blockchains. This will attach a tamper-proof timestamp to the certificate. Any tampering with the certificate will invalidate the timestamp.

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Timestamped Documents

How it works

Timestamp API Fingerprint

Step 1


As soon a graduation certificate is created, it is timestamped with OriginStamp.

Timestamp API Fingerprint

Step 2

Graduate receives certificate

The timestamped graduation certificate is handed to the student graduate.

Timestamp API Fingerprint

Step 3

Graduate hands certificate to employer

When the graduate applies for a job, he'll hand the certificate to the employer.

Timestamp API Fingerprint

Step 4

Verify authenticity

The employer can verify the blockchain timestamp of the certificate with a single click.

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