Blockchain Audit Log and Event API

Build a searchable, sharable, and tamper-proof audit log or event-based history.

A tamper-proof audit log

Searchable & sharable

Build a tamper-proof audit log in minutes. With our flexible and scalable connector, any event emitted by other services can easily be added to your audit log.
Event Log
How it works


Transmit your events

Transmit events that matter to you. If you tested a vaccine, a customer made a payment, or an employee deleted a row in a database. You can build your audit trail just as you need it.
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We take all events that we receive from your end and append them to your tamper-proof event history. Inserting, modifying, or updating event data afterward becomes impossible - thanks to blockchain technology.
Tamper-Proof Event Log Event


Search, filter & share

Once done, you can share your tamper-proof event-based history or audit log with internal stakeholders or external auditors. You can search and filter through all events in real time. And if you need a PDF of a filtered view, there is a 1-click export.
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Our Technology

Why blockchain makes the difference.
Blockchain anchoring
Any event that is submitted is anchored to multiple public blockchains. This way, you can prove that an event was created at a specific time and not changed since. This proof doesn't expire, is independent of OriginStamp, and remains verifiable at all times.
Gapless sealing
We chain each event to the predecessor event. As a result, it's impossible to insert, modify or delete any event from your event trail. In combination with blockchain anchoring, gapless sealing creates undeniable proof of integrity for your event trail.

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