Blockchain Timestamp API

Create a secure timestamp for files, documents, data and more. Prove the originality and time of existence of any digital asset.

Protect your digital assets

Fully automated and highly scalable

If you want to protect important documents, files, or other digital assets, our Timestamp API might be the right tool for you. With a tamper-proof timestamp, you can prove that a document existed at a certain time and wasn't manipulated since.
Protects any digital asset
Ultra-high scalability
Super easy process integration
Timestamped Documents

A USP for your business

Stand out with trusted data

Does your customer upload photos, documents, intellectual property, or any other data to your product or service that is worth protecting? Stand out by protecting this data. For you and your customer. White-labeled timestamp certificates are available.
Integrates with your product
Builds trust with customers
White-labelling options available
Certified Documents

Our solutions are Enterprise-ready and scale to milions of timestamps each day.

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1'000'000+ timestamps per month
Certificate white-labelling
Verification page white-labelling
Unlimited history
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Consulting for $179/hour
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