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Timestamp files, data, documents, and more. Prove the originality, integrity and time of existence of any digital asset.
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Automatically create secure, blockchain-based timestamps from 5,000+ apps. No coding required.

How It Works

In short, we use Bitcoin and Ethereum as immutable, decentralized ledgers to provide a trusted record of your file's existence and timestamp.
Only a secure representative (hash) of your document is used to create the trusted record on the blockchain. Your original data is never transferred and remains confidential.

Our Customers

OriginStamp is used behind the scenes in almost every industry. If you're an individual, or representing a Fortune 500, we have you covered.
Supply Chain Documents
Digitally Signed Documents
Educational Certificates
Machine Learning Models
Lyrics / Music
Scientific Research
Source Code
Flight Documents
Medical Documents
Server Logs
Insurance Documents
Designs / Patterns
Work Logs

For Developers and Non-Developers

You don't have to be a developer to use OriginStamp. But if you are, you can use our API to fully integrate our timestamping into your product.
✓ 1-click Timestamping
✓ Zapier Integration
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