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“ IPBee safeguards our customer's brands across online channels like marketplaces, social media, and domains, based on intellectual property rights. Our partnership with OriginStamp enhances copyright protection globally. ”

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Boosting Data Integrity with OriginStamp

OriginStamp provides secure, blockchain-powered timestamping to ensure data integrity, offering a tamper-proof solution for protecting digital information.

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Authenticated Proof

OriginStamp offers a reliable method to verify the authenticity of digital data, enhancing stakeholder trust in information integrity.

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Existence Verification

Establishes the exact time of digital record creation, providing a dependable and unchangeable history of events.

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Global Peace of Mind

OriginStamp extends beyond typical timestamping to deliver unmatched assurance in data security and authenticity.

Customized Pricing Plans for Your Security Needs

Select the OriginStamp plan that best fits your business needs, with transparent and flexible pricing to secure your digital assets effectively.

USD 9.90 /mo


Get essential blockchain timestamping for data security at an affordable rate.

  • 100 Timestamps per month
  • Email support included
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum
USD 39 /mo


Advanced security and scalability with comprehensive blockchain timestamping for growing businesses.

  • 1,000 Timestamps per month
  • Includes Zapier integrations
  • Email support included
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum
USD 79 /mo


Premium data security with advanced features and support for businesses with high-security requirements.

  • 10,000 Timestamps per month
  • Includes Zapier integrations
  • Whitelabel certificates
  • Email support included
  • Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum

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