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Born out of university, we work with blockchain since 2011.

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Data is our dedication.

At OriginStamp, we stand committed to fostering a world where trust is the bedrock of the digital age. In the face of Cyber Security threats and the complexities of Deep-Fakes and Generative AI, we offer a sanctuary of reliability. Through cutting-edge blockchain timestamping, we empower you to secure the authenticity of your data, providing clarity in an era where discerning what is real becomes increasingly challenging. Join us in navigating the digital landscape with confidence, where OriginStamp fuels trust, safeguarding the integrity of your information in every interaction.

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Our expertise for data integrity is unique.

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Friedrich Kisters

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Thomas Hepp

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Fabian Beck

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Daniel Muffler

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Franco Loser

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Patrick Kratzer

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Working student

Salomon Kisters

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