About us

We're a dedicated team of software and blockchain experts, working with blockchain since 2011.

Our Values

No Bullshit Blockchain Use Cases

We only use blockchain where it makes sense. Moreover, we only accept projects where we see the value the blockchain brings.

True Partnership

We are your reliable, long-term partner for your blockchain project. Therefore, we only accept projects in which we believe. As a result, all team members are highly motivated and truly interested in the success of your project.

Thinking Ahead

We take a proactive approach when it comes to project management. We will give you a heads-up if we see an alternative approach and contribute our own ideas. We believe that a healthy discussion between smart people is the foundation for successful projects.

OriginStamp Headquater in Kreuzlingen

Our Story

OriginStamp grew out of university research almost 10 years ago. Over time, there were more and more requests from the industry to use our technology, which ultimately gave rise to OriginStamp AG.

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CEO Friedricht Kisters

Friedrich Kisters


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