Subscription-based turnkey or custom-made blockchain solutions.

Turnkey Blockchain Solutions

The fast and cost-efficient way to bring blockchain to your business.

Timestamp API

Create a secure timestamp for files, documents, data and more. Prove the originality and time of existence of any digital asset.

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Event API

Build a tamper-proof audit log or event-based history in minutes. With our flexible and scalable connector, any event emitted by other services can easily be added to your audit log.

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Quickly turn your digital collection into NFTs. As a one-time project or with an automated integration into your software. Please get in touch to learn more.

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Blockchain for IP and Idea Protection

Protect your intellectual property and ideas indefinitely, without geographical boundaries or censorship.

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Protect Academic Graduation Certificates with Blockchain

Use blockchain technology to protect academic graduation certificates with a tamper-proof timestamp.

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Custom Solutions

Endless possibilities. Here is some inspiration.


Secure Data Archive

A secure data archive is similar to a traditional data archive. With one big difference. Every data point inside the archive is anchored to the blockchain. As a result, any change in the archive is becoming transparent.


Tamper-proof Logbook

Whenever you have a logbook, blockchain-based timestamping can make it tamper-proof. If you want to secure flight or server logs, or something entirely different, we can make it happen. Let's get in touch.


Process Integrity

Blockchain is essential if you want to secure a critical process. In regular intervals, you can create a tamper-proof snapshot of the state of your process — excellent not only for auditing and compliance.

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